Jessy Mancha is absolutely THE BEST Zumba and dance fitness instructor in Colorado! ReMixx Fitness is his brand new venture to live out his dream of offering a variety of dance/fitness classes to the masses in a friendly, no-judge atmosphere! This fund raising campaign, is set up by his biggest Zumba-fans that love him.  The sole purpose is to help the studio succeed in providing a primo atmosphere for all clientele.  We'd like to raise enough money for wall-to-wall mirrors, a customized stereo system, potential lockers, water fountain, etc. We'll be having some FUN event fundraisers from time-to time but are offering this GoFundMe option for those who may not be able to attend, but would like to donate to the cause. 

ReMixx is located at:
9365 Montview Blvd
Aurora, Colorado
Remeber, it's not a good workout unless it's FUN!

Red or Black Remixx Fitness T-shirts are available for you to purchase, just go to this link and buy!! Thank you for your support.




Come Support Remixx Fitness and Dance

​Urban Funk - Groov3 is coming soon!!! October!!!

​Class Schedule and Events


Zumba , Zumba Toning, Yoga, Hip Hop and more to come!!